Please help me forget my ex

Published: 17th January 2009
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Does the above sound familiar? I know it does to many of us who chose to fight the ghosts of our lover's ex in the name of true love.

At times it is just by mere coincidence that we meet these broken hearted individuals whose love is destined to belong to only one person- his or her ex.

These kinds of people are afraid to be alone and this is why they make a mistake of moving on with a different person before they can survive the heartbreak.

In most cases, they will be reluctant to talk about it, and it is amazing how they swift they fall in love again with the new partner.

But how wrong! As this person will learn later, his or her heart longs for the ex and even though they try hard to love again and differently, it just does not happen.

Before they can tell you that no matter how hard they try they only see you as a reliable friend, you will have abandoned a big share of your life to nurse their bleeding hearts.

Because deep inside you also hope to be a prince or princess they can never forget, you will offer share everything so that it becomes impossible to say no.

You even postpone important appointment at workplace, family, and friends just to derive the best love antidote needed by your lover whose body and soul belong to someone else.

You do everything you know, gather tips from friends for becoming the best lover girl or boy existing in the world to this ungrateful person but no; all this does not match to what he or she was like.

Then some very close friend who really believes in real hot intimacy guarantees that this would ignite his or her passion and they would be all over you.

So you perfectly prepare yourself inside out, and just like you were told, they participate incredibly well, but deep inside they know what their greatest wish will forever be.

They may not show it, but no matter how many times you share your body with them, the ex's is always desirable.

Some of us who play the nurse role for our lovers find it hard to say we are done with the lies because we might have made a mistake of falling in love with them.

The victims of the ex's love do not find a person who can make them forget very far.

Some will target a person who they are sure has always loved them and therefore are assured these are good hands.

So at the end of the day, one may wonder what they are to this person whose lips constantly says, "I love you but I can not help thinking of her or him" to you.

Whenever one threatens to break up with these kind of lovers who can not teach their hearts to move on, many of them will beg you not to.

So by the time, it becomes obvious that one is just a second hand lover to them, their hearts will also be broken in pieces.

And the cycle begins again, because they might find a person who can help them forget their ex that they offered their whole heart freely to, but ended up not forgetting their ex as well.

To hell with this cycle, it is giving birth to more and more broken hearts whose true love simultaneously belongs to another person.

An original article by Esteri MainaEX


Resolve the "self" this year

Now it is a new year, 2008 is reduced to nothing but pleasant or painful memories for all kenyans.

As well, different people are going through their own events that may be inspiring or discouraging.

It is a january when bad news flows as ever in our usual media bulletins; featuring the hungry, jobless, fires, poverty and surely it is an endless list.

Crossing over our Kenyan border to the rest of the world,much worse events are happening,it looks like the revelation times detailed in the bible are already live.

It is really a crazy world we are living in and finding an answer to all this is like searching for a lost need among the hay chaff.

So it is wiser to mind your small world made of "self" , analyse it and pinpoint the areas of change this year.

It is better to get mad trying to help your self stand up strong than helping a crowd full of diverse reasons for proofing you right or wrong.

In our usual distress, we normally find ourselves confronting our maker for giving us endless problems for each day and night that he make us see.

We even let our wrath turn in to a death wish or that we never existed in the first place.

We wonder why God can not steal our soul now before our misery lead us to all kind of wickedness, making us unworthy of his mercy during the judgement day.

More often than not, a normal human will experience this sad phase life because he or she has the image of God who gets angry as well.

One can manage a painful wound on their fresh, but a few survive a broken spirit! Supposing you are now youthful Kenyans, what would you do with a 100 more years given kindly to you?

See, God does not want you to take your own life, because you owe everything you are to him only.

This should then mean that you should have a serious talk with your "inner person" if last year, both of you had serious conflicts.

Perhaps this is why your life is troubled, because you can not gather any strength for self -actualization.

This do happen to myriad of people, not only in kenya but world over, and they all die for approaval, advice, encouragement, peace and so on from others.

Unfortunately, it is 21st century when no one cares what happens to their neighbours, which all the more is the reason why one needs to have a stronger personality.

Many of us young Kenyans feel frustrated today, because we have nice certificates that has taken us nowhere, yet we paid lots of money to acquire education.

Life lacks meaning when there is too much sacrifice reciprocated by nothing but bad luck and unceasing problems, but I encourage you today because I am just a sailer in the same boat.

At 31st dec 2008, I wished the calenders would read differently so that I would have extra days to derive some meaning to the current inflated cost of living.

But no! I saw the year 2009 and as long as I retain my breathe every single day that comes, I will fight back the negativity.


An original article by Esteri MainaKENYANS

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