Maintainance for Coarse african hair

Published: 17th January 2009
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This new year I did what most african women swear they can not do, when I opted for a hair cut.

I really had wanted to do this for the longest time because hair as coarse as one doubtlessly owned by the black race can be tendious to care for.

But I had hesitated because I was being plagued by the same phobia that most most black women would rather resist at any cost.

You know the one that goes something like this " how will people appreaciate my new look, they said my skull was shameless when I was young".

Everybody says that a womans beauty lay on her head, which is why the hair should be well done for one to look presentable.

I always enveyed the hair types of people from other races, because it grows long, it is shiny,soft and managable and I know many have done it too.

In this article, I want to explore various styles that black women could use to maintain their course hair.

You will see that just like many sweet words have been used to describe a black woman's "boot", her hair can also be transformed anyhowly.

Beautiful extensions

Genetically, our hair was made to be coarse and not to grow fast and longer like that of other races.

Today, their all kind of beautiful extensions made specifically to enhance this kind of hair examples of which are braids.

Braids come in different sizes, color, texture, prices and requires creativity with fixing and styling.

There is a moisturizing spray to keep them moistured, the scalp free of dandruffs and these can go upto six weeks on a woman's head.

Wild waves are another extension style where, a weave is attached to a black woman's natural hair, middle hair pinned to the back, while the sides are crunched and back-combed to create a volume.

Fancy flick is when the extensions are attached and texturized to create a, shaggy-layered appearance.Then the hair is blow-dried directly at the back and the front flip to create a gorgeous appearance.

Extensions with a splash of color can also be attached to the coarse hair,which is basically a weave that can be trimmed at the ends, blow-dried and given a shiny finish via use of tailor-made products.

It is all about choosing the best stylist for your hair to be transformed amaizingly using extensions.

Use of relaxers

Coarse textured hair needs a regular relaxer or a strong relaxer. This depends on the strength of a strand testwhich the third step after consultation and scalp analysis.

You must ensure that your beautician start by examining your scalp because that are very sensitive or have abrasion are irritated more by relaxers.

If your scalp become weak after the first relaxing, then you should not be in a hurry to retouch again ahead of seeing your saloonist to carry out scalp analysis.

Then he or she must perform the strand test so that the best relaxer is determined, where a very small portion of your hair probably at the middle part of the head is used.

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